Pool Xpert Submarine

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Your POOL XPERT SUBMARINE is ready to go.

Each time you submerge the cell in your pool's saline water, it will continuously run a natural treatment for 24 hours

We recommend customizing your system for an optimal experience

To input the characteristics of your pool and see how it works online, download the POOL XPERT app and follow the instructions. You will be able to adjust operating hours based on the results.

POOL XPERT SUBMARINE begins its daily treatment at 00:00 hours. You can remove it and resume the process at any time of the day.

Thank you!

By using this product, you're making a positive impact on the environment and helping to conserve water.

Activate Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on your phone to get started.

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Download the Pool Xpert App and create a new user account with your email.   

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Once you have logged in and validated your email (check your inbox), follow the wizard instructions.


All set! You only need to add salt to your pool and enjoy! You will find help to estimate how much salt you need to add to your pool once.

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The benefits of the sea in your pool

Natural disinfection for pools based on salt. Crystal clear water WITHOUT CHEMICALS for years.


NO! saline water...

4,000 to 5,000 ppm of salt is less salty than tears or sweat.


To easily determine how much salt you need, divide your pool's volume in gallons by 25.

This will give you the amount of salt in pounds.

For example: 8,000 gallons / 25 = approximately 320 pounds of salt. 

What type of salt should you buy?

Use sodium chloride (NaCl) that is 99% pure, which is commonly found as food-grade or water softener salt.

Where to buy this salt?

You can purchase it in 40-80 lb bags at your local pool supply store.

What's in the box?

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No electrical risks: 5V DC (like a USB).

Works even without a filtering pump.

You can filter for as many hours as you want.

Activates when submerged in the pool.

Generates 10 grams of chlorine per hour.

Adjusts automatically to the size of the pool.

Easy-to-use app: iOS-Android-PC-Mac.

Online monitoring: disinfection and salinity levels.

Allows for customization of operation.

Continuous, natural, and safe disinfection.

Compatible with traditional chlorine.

Can be installed fixed (on a wall) or portable.

Low energy consumption.

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